Vote for the BerniePDX Multnomah County District Attorney Endorsement!

The Multnomah County District Attorney impacts the quality of life and safety of the people in our county. A good DA will move us a little closer to justice for all. For instance, the DA gets to decide whether or not to:

  • Use restorative justice
  • Focus on serious crimes that impact community safety, rather than prosecuting people for minor non-violent law-breaking, like protesters disobeying an order
  • Require cash bail from people who can’t afford to post it
  • Use alternatives to incarceration when available and appropriate
  • And much more!

Cast your endorsement vote for this important race here! Last day to vote is Tuesday, Oct. 31.

Saturday: Rally and March for Our Students! Great Public Schools for All! 

Portland teachers are fighting for Safe, Sustainable and Equitable Schools for Every Student. After months of bargaining, Portland Association of Teachers announced last Thursday that with 93% members participation in the vote, 98.9% voted to authorize a strike. PAT has given official notice that members will strike beginning Wednesday, Nov. 1 unless the district comes to its senses and settles a fair contract

Come out on Saturday, 10/28 to show your support!​ 9am rally, 10am march.

Location: Portland Association of Teachers, 345 NE 8th Ave.

Support Portland Teachers & Students

Portland teachers are fighting for Safe, Sustainable and Equitable Schools for Every Student. To win this union contract will take all of us. Pledge your solidarity and sign up to take action:

Leaflet parents dropping off/picking up their kids at your neighborhood school, write and call school board members, put up a window sign, distribute window stickers to local businesses, distribute lawn signs, petition and leaflet at local events and schools, pass a resolution in your union or organization, phone bank residents, door knock with a teacher, show up at school board meetings, attend rallies and marches, and, if teachers are forced to strike, honor and support their picket line.

Sign up to support teachers and students today! 

24/7: Join the UAW Picket Line to Support the Historic United Autoworkers Strike!

UAW workers at the Stellantis Parts Distribution Center in Beaverton have joined the national autoworkers strike for fair wages, good benefits, and better working conditions. According to OPB, Stellantis made nearly $12 billion in profits during the first half of 2023 alone. This is a 24/7 picket line, so come out any time to show your solidarity! 

Location: Stellantis, 10030 SW Allen Blvd, Beaverton 

Join a Picket!

Autoworkers in Beaverton have joined the national UAW strike, Kaiser healthcare workers are striking around the state, Portland teachers and New Seasons workers are holding practice pickets, and so much more!

Click the Events tab up top, or visit for more info.