Thursday, March 3, 6pm: End the Pandemic Now Teach-In Pacific NW

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As we head into the third year of the COVID pandemic, billions of people worldwide still don’t have access to vaccines, tests and treatments. As a result, thousands of people continue dying needlessly each day and we’re faced with wave after wave of variants that are prolonging the pandemic for everyone.

The only way to end this cycle of death and disease, and the resulting economic and social hardships that go along with it, is to produce and equitably distribute enough COVID vaccines, test kits and treatments for everyone who needs them. What’s standing in the way? Pharmaceutical monopolies’ greed.

There are over 100 facilities worldwide that could be producing more mRNA vaccines if only given permission to do so, but Moderna and Pfizer refuse to let them. We need the Biden administration to surpass the pharma monopolies by implementing the “End the Pandemic Now” plan: waiving intellectual property rules standing in the way of COVID vaccine, test kit & treatment production; sharing vaccine-making recipes and other technical know-how with qualified producers; and speeding the creation of regional production hubs around the world.

Join us at 6:00pm on Thursday, March 3 to learn more about how ongoing vaccine and treatment inequality is affecting communities here in the Pacific Northwest and around the world — and, more importantly, what you can do about it.

The teach-in’s speaker lineup so far includes:
University of Washington on the endless waves of COVID variants
Coalition of Seattle Indian-Americans on how vaccine inequities have impacted their family in India
Sunrise Movement PDX on how the pandemic is affecting the young folks and our collective future
Trade Justice Education Fund on how you can support the “End the Pandemic Now” plan

Together, we CAN end the COVID pandemic. But we need to create a movement strong enough to force our government to put our health and safety ahead of pharma profits. Please help us. RSVP for the teach-in now.

RSVP Here for the Zoom link.

Action Items

Click here to tell lawmakers that we must pay farmworkers for every hour they work! Oregon farmworkers ensure our families are healthy and well-fed in every corner of the state. Their hard work supports our entire economy. They deserve to be paid for every hour of their essential, difficult, and often dangerous work. And yet, in 2020, while working through wildfires and ice storms, Oregon farmworkers made, on average, less than $20,000 a year

Sign the petition to Starbucks: Halt all union-busting tactics! Despite being a self-proclaimed progressive company, Starbucks leadership continues to pursue an agenda that prioritizes profit over people at every turn. It is overwhelmingly clear that Starbucks will stop at almost nothing to keep workers from unionizing. Sign the petition to show Starbucks management that the public supports the workers’ unionizing effort! 

Saturday, Feb. 5, 2-3pm: Community March and Rally for City Workers

City Council has refused to settle a fair contract with City workers, represented by the District Council of Trade Unions (DCTU). The City’s “last-and-final offer” leaves City workers with a 5% wage cut.

A strike of BDS workers would immediately shut down construction all over the city, laying off thousands of electricians, carpenters, plumbers, Pagepainters, laborers and other essential workers. The construction of much needed housing would grind to a halt, and BDS is already telling contractors they would have no ability to maintain permit operations.

We Demand Essential Wages for Essential Workers! City Council: Settle a Fair Contract! Don’t Force a Strike!

Send City Council a letter (click, sign, share)

Support the solidarity fund:

Location: Portland City Hall, 1221 SW 4th Ave.

2022 Primary Candidate Endorsements

We are thrilled to announce our first round of 2022 endorsements! Thanks to everyone who voted to endorse these great candidates!

Jo Ann has spent her career working to make Portland a better, more equitable place. As City Commissioner, she created the groundbreaking Portland Street Response to help Portlanders in crisis and reduce instances of police violence. Jo Ann also championed local jobs and the environment when she helped pass the Portland Clean Energy Initiative.

Jo Ann’s current priorities include creating affordable housing and providing more options for houseless members of our community; expanding compassionate public safety; and making it easier for people to be heard by City Council. Jo Ann has repeatedly shown that she will stand on the side of the people. And she’s fearless. BerniePDX is proud to endorse Jo Ann Hardesty for Portland City Council.

Learn more about Jo Ann and get involved at

As our city faces a chronic housing crisis and global pandemic, we need new City Commissioners who will fight for the interests of working class Portlanders, especially the most marginalized. That’s why BerniePDX endorsed AJ McCreary for Portland City Council.

AJ was born and raised in Portland, and she understands our struggles. She’s a renter who relies on public transportation. She has a record of fighting for racial and economic justice, which Portland urgently needs. AJ’s priorities for the City include stopping the sweeps; distributing resources for pandemic relief; working to ensure that all Portlanders have safe, lead-free drinking water; and strengthening City Hall’s relationship with Portland Public Schools. AJ’s leadership on City Council will be a win for Portland.

Learn more about AJ & get involved at

BerniePDX endorsed Travis Nelson for Oregon State Representative, District 44. Travis fights for working people every day as a labor representative and member of his union. We are delighted to support Travis as he brings that fight to the legislature.

As a nurse, Travis has seen firsthand the harm caused by our current healthcare system. He believes that healthcare is a human right, and he will work to ensure that everyone in Oregon has good, quality healthcare. Travis’s other priorities include climate and the environment, housing, equity, and education for working people. It’s clear that Travis will be a great representative for the people of Portland.

Learn more about Travis & get involved at

BerniePDX is excited to endorse Libra Forde for the Clackamas County Commission. Libra has demonstrated a lifelong commitment to public service. She currently works at Self Enhancement, Inc., a non-profit that primarily serves low-income communities, as well as youth and families of color. She also serves on the board of the North Clackamas School District.

Libra’s priorities for Clackamas County include ensuring a better future for the next generation; creating a more inclusive county commission that better serves the needs of its constituents; taking care of those who have taken care of us; and increasing accountability on the Commission. Additionally, Libra is the first woman of color to run for this office. Libra’s vision, experience, and values will create a more inclusive Clackamas County.

Learn more about Libra & get involved at