About Us

BerniePDX is a volunteer-run group that was formed in July 2015 to help elect Bernie Sanders for President. We held phonebanks, canvasses, and Barnstorms. We organized rallies, debate watch parties, social events, and volunteer opportunities. When the Sanders campaign came to Oregon, we opened a grassroots campaign field office in SE Portland.

After the primary ended, we transitioned to helping local progressive candidates and causes. In 2016 we worked to elect Chloe Eudaly to Portland City Council and helped pass campaign finance limits in Multnomah County and public financing at the Portland City Council. In 2017, every candidate and initiative we endorsed won.

BerniePDX is committed to continuing the Political Revolution by working on campaigns, organizing and supporting events and candidates, hosting trainings, holding our elected officials accountable, and building community and coalitions. We also attend and spread the word about local events that are in line with our goals and values. We believe the left must be proactive – not just reactionary. 


Our values reflect those that Bernie brought to national attention during his 2016 run for the presidency:

  • Campaign finance reform & getting Big Money out of politics
  • Affordable housing
  • Action on climate and protecting the environment
  • Reducing income inequality
  • Universal Single-Payer Healthcare for All
  • Racial justice
  • A living wage & a union for all workers
  • LGBTQIA+, women’s, & disability rights
  • Fair & humane immigration policy
  • Tax the rich
  • Criminal justice reform
  • Free college and preschool
  • End corporate welfare & tax loopholes for the 1%
  • Supporting our veterans
  • Protecting and expanding social security


Visit our Upcoming Events page to find out about upcoming BerniePDX events and other local events that further the Political Revolution.

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