Oct. 4-Oct. 7: Support Striking Kaiser Healthcare Workers!

SEIU submitted a 10-day notice to Kaiser Permanente executives that Coalition unions are calling for our first unfair labor practice strike, starting Oct. 4 at 6 am through 6 am, Oct. 7, 2023.

SEIU Local 49 joins more than 75,000 Kaiser healthcare workers united in this work action across Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Virginia, California, and Washington DC – making it the largest healthcare worker strike in U.S. history. This three-day strike will be the initial demonstration of our strength to Kaiser that we will not stand for their unfair labor practices. Read more here.

Support the strike:
Join a picket line
Email the President of Kaiser NW
Sign the petition

Protest Wed, Conference Thurs – Forests Over Profits!

WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 27: Protest “Who Will Own the Forest?” Conference

On Wednesday, September 27 grassroots activists and leaders from the forest defense & climate justice movement will converge at the World Forestry Center for a massive demonstration to confront these Wall Street capitalists and put them on notice that managing forests to maximize profits for the rich & stall climate action will be met with increasing resistance. There will be speakers, music, marching bands, theatrical performances, art & creative resistance, and more–come out to show these Wall Street elites that extractive forestry and false solutions will be risky investments in the face of staunch grassroots opposition!

Location: World Forestry Center in PDX, RSVP Here for more info

THURSDAY, SEPT. 28, 10AM-5PM: Forests Over Profits Conference

Communities and forests need real solutions to the climate emergency, industrial logging, and colonial land grabbing. On Thursday, September 28 come to the Forests Over Profits conference in Portland. In contrast to the corporate ‘Who Will Own the Forest?’ conference, communities and activists will come together to elevate real solutions and the need for fundamental systems change in the face of capitalist exploitation and the climate & biodiversity crises.

From 10am-5pm we’ll learn from speakers & panelists about approaches to forest management that support ecosystems, empower communities, and grow climate resilience, including Land Back and other indigenous land management systems, community forestry & land trusts, and sustainable forest management. Through presentations and discussions, participants will be encouraged to support real alternatives to corporate, profit-driven management.

RSVP here for more info

THIS WEEKEND, SEPT. 22-24: Community Art Build for Public Education

Portland teachers are fighting for Safe, Sustainable and Equitable Schools for Every Student. To win this union contract will take all of us — teachers, parents, students, and community members. 

Join the Community Art Build for Public Ed! We will be painting banners, screen printing posters, and assembling other pieces in preparation for coming campaigns to win the public schools all Portland students deserve. Local and national artists have designed most of the work being used in the art build. No art experience is necessary!

Friday, 9/22: 5:00-9:00pm
Saturday, 9/23: 10:00am-9:00pm
Sunday, 9/24: 10:00am-5:00pm

Location: Portland Association of Teachers, 345 NE 8th Ave. 

Sign to Support Portland State Adjunct Faculty

Sign here to show your support for PSU adjunct faculty!

Adjunct instructors account for approximately 47% of the instructional staff at PSU and teach almost 40% of student credit hours. Every student who attends PSU is taught by an adjunct at some point in their education.

Adjunct working conditions are student learning conditions, and PSU students–particularly our BIPOC and first-generation students–deserve faculty who are compensated with livable wages, benefits, and dignified working conditions. The over 1000 adjunct faculty at PSU deserve pay which reaches parity with their full-time counterparts and keeps up with cost of living.

Currently, PSU does not provide raises to adjuncts based on their length of service. This means that adjuncts working at the university for 10 and even 20 years still make the minimum rate. Adjuncts deserve raises which recognize their career excellence, their essential labor, and their service to students and the University.

Sign & share here to show your support!

Starbucks Workers United National Day of Solidarity Action on Thursday, 9/14

In the face of Starbucks’ attempts to crush the union, Starbucks workers have organized, gone on strike, and pressured the company to quit union busting. Now it’s time for Starbucks customers and allies to demand that Starbucks respects workers’ right to organize. We’ll meet outside the store with signs and petitions to engage customers and passersby in support of Starbucks workers. Sign up for national updates at https://sbworkersunited.org/customeraction


5-6am, 1012 NW 21st Ave. 
7-8am, 3424 Pacific Avenue, Forest Grove
9-10am, 10826 Southeast Oak Street, Milwaukie
11am-12pm, 2803 E Burnside
4-5pm, 14600 Southwest Murray Scholls Drive, Beaverton