Saturday, May 11, 2-5pm: Canvass for Michelle DePass for PPS w/BerniePDX

Join BerniePDX to canvass for Michelle DePass for Portland Public School Board! Come out to support Michelle before Election Day on May 21!

About Michelle:

“I am from 4 generations of Black teachers in Portland Public Schools, a PPS grad and the mom of PPS kids. But I’m qualified to lead because my passion and love for black and brown kids runs deep. The findings from the recent audit are disturbing; I couldn’t not run. The experiences that have led me here professionally also inform my desire to lead. I didn’t wake up and think to myself that I would be awesome at this job. Rather I had a serious dialogue with myself about what it would take to address the historic, persistent and systemic failing of black kids in PPS, and a good, thoughtful leader that had the capacity at this time would step up.

I’m a single mom of two kids; I volunteered in PPS classroom before I had kids, reading to primary kids, teaching a Junior Achievement curriculum to 5th and 8th graders. Once I had kids I volunteered to teach formerly incarcerated youth algebra to help them pass the electrician’s apprenticeship test, and volunteered in my kids’ classrooms. Two weeks ago I was asked to present a housing focused curse; I presented at Madison HS, three classes to 85 kids on Housing: Race and Place about the history of racial residential policy, and how it plays out today.”

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Location: NE 24th Ave. and NE Klickitat