WEDNESDAY, MARCH 29, 6:30PM: Public Forum on Labor, Veterans, Healthcare Profiteering, and the Fight Against Privatization

Union members, military veterans, and healthcare reformers around the country are demanding that the Biden Administration stop its privatization of traditional Medicare and the VA hospital system, two of our best working models for single-payer healthcare.

At the USPS, which employs more than 100,000 veterans, workers are also resisting the continuation of Trump-era policies designed to replace our national network of post offices with private mail delivery firms.

At this March 29 labor-community discussion, find out more about these critical anti-privatization campaigns – and what’s at stake for Medicare recipients, VA patients, Postal Service customers, and all private and public sector union members.

Location: First Unitarian Church, 1211 SW Main St.

Join a Picket this Weekend! Support City Workers and the New Seasons Union


ONGOING: Support Striking City Workers! 

Portland City Laborers are on strike for fair wages, safe working conditions, and respect! Laborers Local 483 represents over 600 workers in the Bureau of Environmental Services, Portland Bureau of Transportation, and Parks and Rec. Come out to one of the four picket sites to show your support for the people who take care of our city: Wastewater Plant, Kerby Yard, Albina Yard and Tabor Yard. 

RSVP & Location Details Here

FEB. 3 & 4: 11AM-5PM: New Seasons Labor Union Pickets 

Join a picket this weekend to support New Seasons workers in their fight to reinstate COVID paid leave!

Locations: New Seasons: Concordia, Grant Park, Seven Corners, Slabtown, Woodstock, Arbor Lodge (Saturday only at Arbor Lodge)

Gather Signatures for Eviction Representation for All w/ BerniePDX on Sat. Nov. 19, 11am!

Join BerniePDX to collect signatures for Eviction Representation for All, because all tenants deserve representation in court! This is the final push to ensure we have enough signatures to make it onto the May ballot, so it’s all hands on deck. 

WHERE: Portland State Farmers Market, meet at the SW Park Block between Clay and Market

WHEN: 11:00am – We’ll have a short training before collecting signatures 

ABOUT ERA: Eviction Representation for All (ERA) is a Right to Counsel program designed to provide free legal representation for every tenant in eviction court in Multnomah County. It is a universal program that protects everyone, regardless of income, funded by a 0.75% increase in capital gains tax. Learn more at


Congratulations to Travis Nelson, Mark Gamba, and Farrah Chaichi on winning your elections to the Oregon Legislature! We are lucky to have you representing us at the state level. 

Congratulations to Portlanders for passing Charter Reform. Beginning in 2024, we will get to elect City Councilors from our own communities! We are also thrilled that Measure 112 passed, which will amend Oregon’s constitution to remove slavery as a criminal punishment. 

BerniePDX was honored to endorse Jo Ann Hardesty for PDX City Council, Libra Forde for Clackamas County, and Jamie McLeod Skinner for Congress. Not all the ballots have been counted, and we would love to update this post to add some more winners. But if not, we hope to support these wonderful women in a future run for office. 

2022 General Election Endorsements

We are thrilled to announce our incredible 2022 General Election endorsements!

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BerniePDX endorses Mark Gamba, progressive Milwaukie Mayor and long time Bernie Sanders supporter, for State Representative in District 41! Mark’s priority issue is climate change and he is a strong advocate for policies to reduce global warming. Mark’s other top priorities are housing, healthcare, racial justice, campaign finance reform, and tax equity. We are excited for Mark to represent our values at the state level. 

Learn more and get involved at

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BerniePDX endorses Portland United for Change – Measure 26-228, which was referred to the voters by the Portland Charter Review Commission. Measure 26-228 will:

– Create City Council districts so that City Hall will reflect, and be accountable to, our communities. 

– Institute a ranked choice voting method. 

– End the commission system form of government so our City Councilors will prioritize the people, not their assigned bureaus. 

Learn more and get involved at

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BerniePDX endorses Measure 112, which will amend Oregon’s constitution to remove slavery as a criminal punishment. 

Learn more at,_Remove_Slavery_as_Punishment_for_Crime_from_Constitution_Amendment_(2022)

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BerniePDX endorses Eviction Representation for All Multnomah County, which is on the May 2023 ballot, because every tenant deserves quality representation in court!  

Learn more and get involved at

Visit to see why we voted to support our other endorsed candidates during the primary.