Literature Drop OR Canvass door-to-door for Julia DeGraw

Ballots drop in a few weeks! ‘Lit drops’ are great for folks who don’t feel like knocking doors (canvassing) – enjoy the fresh air as you take a walk around a Portland neighborhood and leave literature on voters’ doors. We’ll provide a turf, snack, literature, and a script for canvassers. We recommend bringing a bag to hold campaign materials. FB event

DATE: Saturday, April 7 and/or Sunday, April 8
TIME: 12:30-3:30pm

LOCATION: Meet at Hungry Heart Bakery, 414 SE 80th Ave

Julia isn’t taking any corporate money, she’s only accountable to the people. Learn more at

“It’s past time for City Council to prioritize the people over developer profits, corporate interests, and complacent politicians.” – Julia DeGraw

We can flip Congress: Mailing Party with Dorothy Gasque

Sick and tired of a Republican-run Congress? 2018 is time to flip some seats! Dorothy Gasque is an amazing Berniecrat running to replace Jaime Herrera Beutler, our closest Republican Congress member, representing Washington’s Third District, just across the river. Herrera Beutler, who votes in line with Trump about 88% of the time, clearly does not represent the people. Dorothy herself is a long time BerniePDX member, a combat vet and a powerful progressive political organizer. She is uniquely qualified to win this seat with a progressive peoples’ platform, and her military background enables her to bring conservatives on board, boosting her chances in an open primary state.

We at BerniePDX can create the change we want to see by helping oust Jaime Herrera Beutler and electing a representative we can believe in, Dorothy Gasque! Let’s have a mailing party for her! Dorothy will be there herself, so if you haven’t met her, this is your chance! While we’re stuffing envelopes, she’ll be talking about her amazing platform and the things we can do to help her campaign, like canvassing and holding phone banks in Portland.

Location: Watershed, 5040 SE Milwaukie Ave.

BerniePDX’s latest endorsements: Dana Carstensen for Metro, Shabba Woodley for Washington County Chair, and Maria Garcia for Multnomah County


Did you know that Metro is the only directly elected regional government in the United States? This gives Portland region voters a unique opportunity to shape our future together! In the contest for Metro Council District 4, BerniePDX has chosen to endorse the boldly progressive vision proposed by Dana Carstensen. Besides his experience working for Metro (at the Zoo) and organizing Metro workers, Dana has that rare quality: political imagination. His plans to develop waste-to-energy infrastructure, to transition Tri-Met to an all-electric bus fleet, and to encourage community ownership of land, have the potential to completely transform our region by creating living wage green jobs, drastically reducing our carbon footprint, and keeping people in stable housing.

Read more about Dana and his platform, and please volunteer and donate:


Shabba Woodley is our choice for Washington County Chair. Shabba understands the issues facing working families in our community, from transportation to lack of affordable housing and the prevalence of low wages. But more importantly, what Shabba doesn’t understand, he wants to learn by listening to people like us. That’s what a servant leader does, so they can truly represent us and develop community-based solutions. We believe in Shabba’s dedication, in his passion for equity, and in his drive to create a County board that’s inclusive and responsive to the needs of citizens.

Read more about Shabba and his platform / volunteer / donate:


Three progressive women are running to represent Multnomah County in District 2. BerniePDX members voted to endorse María García for the position. María is an activist and advocate with strong ties to the community. Serving on the Multnomah County Commission will be an extension of her lifelong dedication to giving voice and support to underrepresented communities.

Learn more about Maria Garcia, volunteer or donate:


Senate District 24: BerniePDX endorses Kayse Jama

In the crucial race to replace Rod Monroe in Senate District 24, we have not one but two amazing progressives running! We wish all the best to Shemia Fagan, but BerniePDX members chose to endorse Kayse Jama for this race.

In these times when racists feel emboldened, when immigrants, refugees and people of color live in growing fear of deportation and violence, Kayse’s story as a former refugee who loves this country and his vision for an inclusive community where we all belong are incredibly timely and compelling. We believe Kayse, who has shown extraordinary leadership as a lifelong activist, founder and executive director of Unite Oregon, and community advocate on public boards and commissions at the City, Metro and State levels, has the experience and passion to take on Rod Monroe. All he needs is grassroots power and that means US!

Learn more about Kayse Jama, volunteer and donate:

And don’t forget to check our BerniePDX calendar for upcoming events, including events in support of our BerniePDX-endorsed candidates!

New endorsement poll: Metro + County

Are you ready for election season 2018? Primaries are coming up on May 15! This year we have a chance to elevate true progressives to the nomination, servant leaders who when elected will champion us the people rather than corporate interests and the status quo!

We have met many great candidates lately at our BerniePDX meeting, now is the time to choose. We encourage you to answer our endorsement poll, even if you have not attended all presentations. Please answer ASAP, as this poll closes March 6!