Literature Drop OR Canvass door-to-door for Julia DeGraw

Ballots drop in a few weeks! ‘Lit drops’ are great for folks who don’t feel like knocking doors (canvassing) – enjoy the fresh air as you take a walk around a Portland neighborhood and leave literature on voters’ doors. We’ll provide a turf, snack, literature, and a script for canvassers. We recommend bringing a bag to hold campaign materials. FB event

DATE: Saturday, April 7 and/or Sunday, April 8
TIME: 12:30-3:30pm

LOCATION: Meet at Hungry Heart Bakery, 414 SE 80th Ave

Julia isn’t taking any corporate money, she’s only accountable to the people. Learn more at

“It’s past time for City Council to prioritize the people over developer profits, corporate interests, and complacent politicians.” – Julia DeGraw