2017 Endorsements

Bernie PDX members endorse Portland Community College’s Bond Renewal!

As Oregon’s largest institution of higher education, PCC serves more than 75,000 full- and part-time students from all backgrounds each year, and provides unparalleled access to educational opportunities for our community. On the November 7, 2017 ballot, the PCC Board of Directors will ask voters in its service area to consider a bond. Funds from the bond would go directly to addressing repairs, modernizing and renovating facilities, improving safety and replacing outdated technology and equipment.

▪ Vote YES on the Nov. 2017 ballot on the PCC Bond!

▪ Help spread the word!  To order PCC Bond educational brochures or buttons, visit:  https://www.pcc.edu/about/bond/

Bernie PDX members voted to endorse ballot initiative IP 28!

This measure would amend the Oregon Constitution to allow campaign contribution limits for Oregon races. Such limits have been approved by Oregon voters before (most recently last November when Multnomah County voted >90% to enact campaign financing limits) but never enforced. Oregon’s political races are among the most expensive in the nation, because there are no limits on political contributions/expenditures in the state. In a November 2015 study by The Center for Public Integrity, Oregon was ranked 49th out of 50 for political finance regulation. Only Mississippi was worse.

Bernie famously supported his campaign on $27 donations, and we at Bernie PDX believe that the power of corporations and the wealthy to buy our elections needs to be curbed if our democracy is to survive. We support IP28 and encourage you to get involved:

▪ Visit the campaign’s website: http://honestelectionsoregon.weebly.com/

▪ Help gather petition signatures to qualify this measure for the November 2018 ballot, contact David Delk at davidafd@ymail.com

▪ If you want to make a donation, please email David Delk at davidafd@ymail.com

Bernie PDX endorses OPPOSING the Rose Quarter Highway Expansion

From No More Freeways PDX (https://nomorefreewayspdx.com/)

This project will have minimal impact on ending Portland’s problem of congestion or traffic fatalities, and will be devastatingly consequential to Portland’s stated goals to lead on climate, provide cleaner air, support healthy communities, build infrastructure for affordable housing and invest resources equitably across the city. (…) Not a single urban freeway expansion in North America has ever solved the problem of congestion, due to a concept that urban planners call “induced demand.” Why are city leaders willing to spend $450 million betting that somehow, the Rose Quarter Freeway Expansion will be any different?

Visit https://nomorefreewayspdx.com/ + like on FB https://www.facebook.com/nomorefreewayspdx/

Please email or call your county commissioner asking them to vote for Theresa or Neil for HD-38 to replace Ann Lininger!

We have provided an email template below you can copy and paste to make this as quick and easy as possible. Thank you for taking action!

Multnomah County Commissioners:

Deborah Kafoury: mult.chair@multco.us, 503.988.3308
Sharon Meieran: district1@multco.us, 503.988.5220
Loretta Smith: district2@multco.us, 503.988.5219
Jessica Vega Pederson: district3@multco.us, 503.988.5217
Lori Stegmann: district4@multco.us, 503.988.5213

Clackamas Commissioners: bcc@clackamas.us

Email Template:

To: Multnomah Commissioners: mult.chair@multco.us, district1@multco.us, district2@multco.us, district3@multco.us, district4@multco.us
Clackamas Commissioners: bcc@clackamas.us

Dear Commissioners,

As [YOUR CONSTITUENT] or [A RESIDENT OF HD-38] and member of BerniePDX, I ask that you vote for Theresa Kohlhoff or Neil Simon to fill Ann Lininger’s seat in House District 38. Theresa and Neil represent the type of bold progressive leadership needed in Salem to fight for tenants’ rights, corporate tax reform, universal healthcare, and to take meaningful steps to combat climate change. Both candidates understand the importance of grassroots engagement and would bring impressive experience to the legislature.

Theresa has already demonstrated her electability, as she handily won her position on the Lake Oswego City Council in a contested election. Neil serves on multiple committees and has long been involved in politics at both the local and international level. I ask that you vote for Theresa or Neil because we need a grassroots progressive to solve the pressing problems impacting the people of Multnomah and Clackamas County.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this and look forward to hearing back regarding who you plan to support for House District 38.


BerniePDX endorses Theresa Kohlhoff and Neil Simon for State Representative to fill Ann Lininger’s seat in House District 38.

Neil and Theresa have a good handle on the issues that BerniePDX believes are most important for Oregonians. They are in favor of raising corporate taxes to pay for essential public services like education and healthcare. They support Single-Payer Medicare-for-All, enacting campaign contribution limits, and lifting the statewide pre-emptive ban on rent control.

Neil has been involved in progressive politics for many years, from the local to international level. Theresa, a Lake Oswego City Councilor, handily won her seat in a contested race without compromising her progressive values. We are confident that if appointed, either candidate would be able to keep their seat in the legislature against a Republican opponent in the 2018 election. We encourage the Precinct Committee Persons in HD-38 as well as the Multnomah and Clackamas County Commissioners to vote for Theresa Kohlhoff or Neil Simon.

Meet the candidates and find out how to help at our next BerniePDX meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 15, 7-9pm at 5040 SE Milwuakie Ave. 

View the BerniePDX candidate endorsement questionnaire for this race here.

May 16, 2017: PCC Board and School Boards Elections + PPS Bond Measure 26-193

We need to get people running for office at every level of government, because what happens at the state level and the community level is very important. That’s what I mean when when I say we need a revitalization of American democracy.              -Bernie Sanders (CSPAN, June 22, 2016).

BerniePDX Ballot Party Results:

✓ Portland School Board: Rita Moore, Scott Bailey, Joseph Simonis
✓ YES on 26-193 (School Bond)
✓ YES on 26-189 (Increases Auditor’s Independence)
✓ YES on 26-194 (Tax on short-term rentals)
✓ PCC (Zone 5): Valdez Bravo
✓ David Douglas School Board: Stephanie D. Stephens & Ana Del Rocío

Sign your ballot envelope and drop it off by 8:00pm TUESDAY, and please remind your friends! 

List of Multnomah County dropboxes: https://multco.us/elections/multnomah-county-official-ballot-drop-sites
Or search by address: http://sos.oregon.gov/voting/Pages/drop-box-locator.aspx
BerniePDX voting recommendations: www.BerniePDX.us/our-endorsees

It’s too late to mail your ballot. Thanks for voting!

Valdez Bravo for PCC Board (zone 5)

Long time BerniePDX member Valdez Bravo is running for a position on the Portland Community College School board of directors, representing zone 5 (SW Portland, Sylvania campus + parts of Beaverton). In his own words:

As a veteran, a Latino, and a first-generation college student, I will be a strong advocate for underrepresented communities on the PCC Board of Directors.

As a former PCC student, instructor, and advisory board member, I believe I have the perspective and skills to be an effective advocate for the diverse members of the PCC community.

PCC changed my life. I’m now a healthcare professional serving my fellow veterans. I’m running to make sure PCC remains what it was for me: A college that opens up new worlds and economic opportunities for all.

Rita Moore for Portland Public Schools (position 4)

Rita Moore earned our endorsement because of her passionate advocacy for public education, her long experience with PPS as mother, activist, and advisor, and her real understanding of PPS’s critical issues that need resolved. Rita’s four priority areas are:

Equity: Keep equity at the center, focusing on strong execution of proven strategies that keep students engaged and improve outcomes.

Strong fiscal management and transparency: Ensure that our budget is aligned with our values and grounded in a longer-term, strategic perspective.

Health and safety: Pass a second Bond to rebuild our schools. Establish and maintain a realistic annual maintenance budget to halt the deterioration of our facilities.

Good governance and Board effectiveness: Build a new culture of collaboration and transparency that focuses on serving students.

Scott Bailey for Portland Public Schools (position 5)

Scott grew up in Northeast Portland, in the same neighborhood where he now lives. He graduated from Grant High School, and went on to Oregon State, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies, with honors. For almost 20 years, Scott has volunteered as a school activist, working for changes at the district level that improve education for all students, especially those who have been historically under-served in our schools.

“Imagine a district that brings its racial equity work all the way down into the classroom, and gives our teachers the tools they need to bridge the achievement gap. Imagine a district that finds the sweet spot of optimal inclusion of our children with special needs in regular classrooms. Imagine a district that builds on our growing number of immigrant students to go fully bilingual. Imagine a district that meets the intellectual and social needs of our academically accelerated students.”

Yes on PPS Bond Measure 26-193

Portland Public Schools are in serious need of repair and upgrade to address safety issues (getting school buildings up to seismic standards) and public health issues (like lead in schools’ water fountains). Vote yes on Measure 26-193 to provide PPS with the funds necessary to make our public schools safe and healthy so our children can thrive. You can read more about the proposed Bond package here.

Stephanie Stephens for David Douglas School Board (position 2)

Stephanie knows how to build inclusive, community-centered education policy. As the co-founder of a statewide social justice nonprofit, she’s spent nearly two decades bringing people together around challenging issues. She encourages diverse voices and points of view and works to build consensus toward positive change. Stephanie’s a champion for children, families, schools, and neighborhoods. Through her work as a grant writer, she has raised millions of dollars for innovative, results-oriented programming.

Ana del Rocío for David Douglas School Board (position 1)

Ana is a daughter of working-class immigrants, a mother of two, a former teacher, and current policy director for Multnomah County. Over the past decade, Ana has been a voice for educational justice. She states, “I’m running for school board to fight so that every child, from every household in our community, will have a fair shot at receiving the great education they deserve.” As a mother, schoolteacher, community organizer, and public policy professional, Ana demonstrates the type of leadership that David Douglas needs now more than ever.


What can YOU do?


  • PPS board elections are at large and not by district, i.e. if you live within PPS boundaries, you can vote for Rita Moore and for Scott Bailey!
  • PCC board elections are by district: you can vote for Valdez Bravo if you live in district 5 (find out on the District Map)