2022 General Election Endorsements

We are thrilled to announce our incredible 2022 General Election endorsements!

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BerniePDX endorses Mark Gamba, progressive Milwaukie Mayor and long time Bernie Sanders supporter, for State Representative in District 41! Mark’s priority issue is climate change and he is a strong advocate for policies to reduce global warming. Mark’s other top priorities are housing, healthcare, racial justice, campaign finance reform, and tax equity. We are excited for Mark to represent our values at the state level. 

Learn more and get involved at https://www.MarkGamba.com

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BerniePDX endorses Portland United for Change – Measure 26-228, which was referred to the voters by the Portland Charter Review Commission. Measure 26-228 will:

– Create City Council districts so that City Hall will reflect, and be accountable to, our communities. 

– Institute a ranked choice voting method. 

– End the commission system form of government so our City Councilors will prioritize the people, not their assigned bureaus. 

Learn more and get involved at https://portlandunitedforchange.com/

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BerniePDX endorses Measure 112, which will amend Oregon’s constitution to remove slavery as a criminal punishment. 

Learn more at https://ballotpedia.org/Oregon_Measure_112,_Remove_Slavery_as_Punishment_for_Crime_from_Constitution_Amendment_(2022)

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BerniePDX endorses Eviction Representation for All Multnomah County, which is on the May 2023 ballot, because every tenant deserves quality representation in court!  

Learn more and get involved at https://www.eratenants.org

Visit www.berniepdx.us/2022endorsements to see why we voted to support our other endorsed candidates during the primary.