BerniePDX 2018 Ballot

City Council: Jo Ann Hardesty

Multnomah County Judge: Bob Callahan 

HD-37: Rachel Prusak

YES on:

26-200 – Campaign Contribution Limits

26-201- Portland Clean Energy Initiative 

NO on:

103 – Misleading, permanent corporate tax dodge; NOT about groceries

104 – Requires supermajority for any funding measure (Koch brothers amendment)

105 – Repeals Oregon Sanctuary Law

106 – Restricts abortion access & reproductive healthcare for low-income women

Note: BerniePDX did not have an endorsement vote for measures 26-199 & 102 (affordable housing) due to timing and capacity. However, many members have said they are voting yes. 

Tuesday, Oct. 16, 6:30-8:30pm: GOTV Textbank w/ BerniePDX 1

The November ballot is LONG this year! Come sip the best tea in town and textbank BerniePDXers to Get Out the Vote for all the great candidates and important initiatives on the ballot!

Please bring your phone (or your laptop if you have texting capabilities on your computer). We’ll provide the text to send and the phone numbers.

Help continue the Political Revolution by ensuring Bernie supporters turn out in droves for the 2018 election!

Location: Tea Chai Te, 616 E Burnside, Portland

Saturday, October 6, 4-6pm: Election 2018 Forum: Let’s Bring It To Win It!

***Ballot Measures and Call To Action***

We have lots of crucial ballot measures to consider in this year’s general election. Come learn about the good, the bad, and how you can help get out the vote.

We will have canvassing materials, including lawn signs and voter guides. And yummy snacks!

The Good:
Metro Measure 26-199 and State Measure 102: Yes For Affordable Housing
Portland Measure 26-201: Portland Clean Energy Fund
Portland Measure 26-200: Honest Elections

The Bad:
State Measures 103 and 104: Make it difficult to tax giant corporations and the super-rich
State Measure 105: Anti-immigrant measure to repeal Oregon’s sanctuary status
State Measure 106: Deny low-income women access to abortion services

Let’s BRING IT to this election by campaigning to PASS the Good and DEFEAT the Bad.

Location: The Rosewood Initiative, 16126 SE Stark St, Portland