Goodbye 2017, hello 2018!

2017 was an exciting year for BerniePDX. While politics at the national level leave much to be desired, we remain committed to continuing the Political Revolution locally. We began the year fresh off our wins helping elect Chloe Eudaly to City Council and passing campaign finance limits in Multnomah County with Honest Elections, and jumped straight into finding new ways to continue the Revolution. Together, we:

• Endorsed, volunteered for, and helped elect some amazing school board candidates — Rita Moore and Scott Bailey for Portland Public Schools, and Stephanie Stephens and Ana Del Rocio for David Douglas, and also Valdez Bravo to the PCC Board. Rita and Valdez were also endorsed by Our Revolution, and were included in a special email to members nationwide!

• And speaking of Our Revolution, we became an official affiliate group in October!

• Continued meeting almost every week for trainings, social events, and to hear speakers on dozens of topics, including healthcare, election and campaign finance reform, immigration and prison issues, and local air pollution problems, just to name a few. We’ve been a hub for organizations to share their causes and mobilize activists.

• Celebrated our second anniversary with a fantastic BBQ in September that featured some of our winning candidates and gave us a chance to celebrate and thank everyone, and acknowledge how far we’ve come since we helped organize Bernie’s first visit to the Moda Center.

And we’re on our way to even more great things – all thanks to you!

So what’s next for 2018?

We’re hard at work on the campaign for Measure 101 to save healthcare for Oregonians (join us this Tuesday 1/2 to phone/text bank for 101). And the May elections are just around the corner!

Beginning January 9, progressive candidates will be coming to our Tuesday meetings to meet BerniePDX members, answer your questions, and request an endorsement. You won’t want to miss it! If you can’t make the meetings, don’t worry, we still want your input! Keep an eye on your inbox for the BerniePDX endorsement polls.

Thank you for keeping the Political Revolution alive! We can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store!

In solidarity,

The BerniePDX Leadership Team

Happy New Year from BerniePDX / Phonebank for Measure 101 on Jan. 2nd

Our best wishes for 2018, it’s going to be a big year -and if we work hard and organize smartly, a year of progressive victories from the local level all the way up to Congress!

First surprise of 2018: you’re about to get a ballot! The future of public healthcare in Oregon is at stake in a special election on January 23rd.

Join us on Tuesday, January 2nd, 5-8 pm, to call and text Oregonians and ask them to vote YES on Measure 101!

–> CLICK TO RSVP so the campaign knows how many stations to set up for BerniePDX. <–

Phonebank is from 5-8pm at Oregon AFL-CIO at 3645 SE 32nd Ave (it’s okay to come after 5).

Learn all about Measure 101 at:


Celebrate the holidays early with BerniePDX!

Tuesday, December 19, 6:30 – 9 pm: Holiday Party with BerniePDX!

Celebrate the holidays early with BerniePDX! Come to our White Elephant gift swap party, bring a new or lightly used gift to swap or steal with other BerniePDXers! Wrap it first so it’s a mystery! But you don’t need to bring a gift to attend! We’ll have food, drinks, and excellent company.

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Location: Tea Chai Te’s new location – 616 E Burnside.

Portlanders’ Bill of Rights & Ranked Choice Voting with BerniePDX

Join us on Tuesday, December 5, 7 pm @ the Watershed! We have two exciting speakers about issues that have the potential to change Portland Metro for the better –> with a Residents Bill of Rights, & Ranked Choice Voting (with which Trump wouldn’t have won).

–> Portland People’s Coalition has been meeting with groups across the Metro area to develop a Bill of Rights for all Portlanders that will be used to influence elections, politics, and our lives. They want to hear about what YOU want to see in it!

Come learn about it, ask questions, give feedback. Find out how we can help build this organizing effort modeled on Richmond Progressive Alliance ( There will be a ratifying convention for the local Bill of Rights in early 2018!

–> Multnomah County has the chance to pilot a new voting method that could change both local and national elections for the better. What if we just voted once in November and the candidate with the most support actually won? What if you knew your vote would make a difference, even if your favorite doesn’t stand a chance? What if you could just be honest and vote your conscience?

STAR Voting is an innovative solution that allows voters to rate each candidate from zero to five, like on Amazon or Yelp reviews. This means that your completed ballot will show how much you like or dislike each candidate, as well as showing your preferences between them. STAR Voting is highly accurate, no matter how many candidates are in the race, so we can level the playing field, eliminate the low turnout, expensive primary, and just have one election day.

Tuesday, October 10, 7-9 pm: Medicare-for-All Action Mtg w/BerniePDX – Keep the Pressure On!

ACTION MEETING: Join BerniePDX to write letters to Senator Wyden asking him to co-sponsor Bernie’s new Medicare-for-All bill! We’ll also strategize on lobby visits, language, and other ways to move Wyden and others.

Come hear about exciting upcoming local events! More agenda items to come.

Location: Watershed Building, 5040 SE Milwaukie Ave.

RSVP and invite your friends on Facebook:

BerniePDX Talks Medicare for All Bill

Last week Bernie Sanders introduced a Medicare for All bill in the Senate joined by Senator Jeff Merkley (and many others, grassroots MOMENTUM is making the difference). Meanwhile Republicans are trying one more time to repeal and replace Obamacare with a plan that would leave up to 30 million more Americans without healthcare to line the pockets of private insurance and big pharma. There are single payer national and local efforts as well as important work to do to stop the alt-right attacks on healthcare in Oregon and in DC.

Come find out all the details, bring your ideas. Also, community announcements and good conversations, as always.

Location: 5040 SE Milwaukie Ave. Portland

Thanks to everyone who showed up for our BBQ, we had a great time!

Good food, excellent company and no rain until 3 pm: Yeah! Our second anniversary / end-of summer BBQ potluck was a success, thanks to everyone!

Three BerniePDX-endorsed winning candidates attended: Valdez Bravo, Rita Moore, and Stephanie D. Stephens. All three of them insisted that Bernie’s political revolution needs good people to run, maybe someone like you, feeling inspired by Bernie and the resistance? (BerniePDX can help!) We were happy to meet and chat with current candidates, and with over 100 friends, neighbors and activists from a variety of Portland organizations.

Many thanks to 47th Avenue Farm, Tea Chai Te, and Dr. Kombucha for their donations in kind to the event, and to everybody who donated food or a few dollars to help with BBQ costs! You all rock!

Check out photos from the event here (thank you to photographer Melisa Crosby!)

Bern bright!!

Tuesday, 9/5, 5pm: Save DACA and pass the DREAM ACT PDX Rally!

WHAT: Save DACA and pass the DREAM ACT PDX Rally w/ Milenio!
WHEN: Tuesday, Sept. 4, 5-8pm
WHERE: Terry Schrunk Plaza, Portland

Trump announced he’s going to repeal the DREAM Act enacted by Obama. Congress must act now to protect our community! We will gather at Terry Schrunk Plaza which is across the street of the Federal Building.

At the Rally on Tuesday, September 5 at 5 pm WE WILL URGE THE UNITED STATES CONGRESS TO PASS THE DREAM ACT. This proposed legislation will legalized the DREAMERS with a pathway to Citizenship.

BerniePDX has canceled our regular Tuesday meeting to attend this event. See you there!

Tuesday, August 29, 7-9 pm: PDX Climate Action, Berner in Oregon Legislature, BBQ

The city wants to spend $450 million on a highway expansion in the Rose Quarter. Come and learn about the impact it will have on the surrounding community, our city, and Portland’s ability to meet its climate goals. Ian from the Working Families Party will come tell us about WFP’s new million jobs campaign!

We’ll update everyone on the state legislature race for HD-38 (visit for more info), and the BerniePDX 2nd Anniversary BBQ Potluck! Can you bring something? Visit to sign-up.

As always, we’ll discuss upcoming progressive events. More agenda items to come!
RSVP, Share, & Invite friends on Facebook:
Location: Watershed Bldg., 5040 SE Milwaukie Ave., Portland

Sunday, September 17, 12-3pm: BerniePDX 2nd Anniversary End of Summer BBQ!

Please join BerniePDX for our 2nd Anniversary & End of Summer BBQ Potluck! It’s a great way to plug back in to the local movement, get involved for the first time, or celebrate with community! Two of the candidates BerniePDX has helped elect to local office will be present: Rita Moore (PPS Board) and Valdez Bravo (PCC Board) will briefly talk about the beauties and challenges of running and winning as a progressive and how we can continue Bernie’s Political Revolution here in Portland.

For two years BerniePDX has provided a space to learn about and engage in important issues that impact our community and our country. We have much to celebrate: helping elect 6 progressive candidates, helping pass 2 ballot measures, building community, activist & organizer trainings, rallies, phonebanks, canvasses, debate parties, and more! We can’t wait to celebrate our 2nd anniversary with you! Please share & invite your friends on Facebook

Can you bring some food or supplies to the event? Please let us know here:

Special thanks to 47th Ave Farm for the produce and Tea Chai Te and Dr. Kombucha for donating kombucha and iced tea!

We’ll be making custom BerniePDX shirts! Bring your own or $5 to buy one there.

** BerniePDX is an all-volunteer, grassroots organization. We have no budget. Please consider bringing a few dollars to donate to the event, though it’s not required to attend, eat, and enjoy.


Location: Mt. Scott Park, Site A (SE 74 & Reedway), SE Portland