Bernie PDX 2016 Endorsements

We are thrilled to announce the Bernie PDX endorsements for 2016:

Chloe Eudaly for Portland City Council
James Ofsink for Oregon Senate District 21
Amanda Schroeder for East Multnomah County
Yes on 26-184: Honest Elections Multnomah County
Yes On 97: A Better Oregon

Visit our 2016 Endorsements page to learn more about our endorsees and why Bernie PDX voted for them!

We’ll be inviting our endorsees back to our weekly Tuesday meeting so Bernie PDX members can get to know them better, learn how they will change our region for the better, and find out how we can help! James Ofsink will be joining us on Sept. 6 at 7:30pm, 5040 SE Milwuakie Ave.

We believe these candidates and initiatives embody Bernie’s values, and will bring important elements of Bernie’s platform to our region.

The candidates do not accept corporate contributions. Like Bernie, they will work solely in the interests of the people. They are all running grassroots campaigns against establishment opponents backed by big-money donors, like Comcast and wealthy developers. One initiative will make corporations pay their fair share, and the other will enact county-wide campaign finance limits, in a state without any.