BerniePDX Endorses Measure 101

BerniePDX is proud to endorse Measure 101. We believe that every Oregonian deserves healthcare! All of us deserve to be able to go to the doctor when we are sick and get medication when we need it. Measure 101 protects the healthcare of the 1 in 4 Oregonians who rely on Medicaid (including 400,000 children). 

If Measure 101 fails, Oregon could be turning away $5 billion in federal matching funds. This will not only devastate our Medicaid system, but will have a ripple effect leading to increased healthcare costs for all Oregonians. BerniePDX urges all of our members to vote Yes on 101 by January 23. Please help get out the vote by volunteering for phone banks and canvasses. Learn more at