New Endorsements

After polling BerniePDX members, we’re proud to announce new endorsements!

Bernie PDX members endorse Portland Community College’s Bond Renewal!

As Oregon’s largest institution of higher education, PCC serves more than 75,000 full- and part-time students from all backgrounds each year, and provides unparalleled access to educational opportunities for our community. On the November 7, 2017 ballot, the PCC Board of Directors will ask voters in its service area to consider a bond. Funds from the bond would go directly to addressing repairs, modernizing and renovating facilities, improving safety and replacing outdated technology and equipment.

▪ Vote YES on the Nov. 2017 ballot on the PCC Bond!

▪ Help spread the word!  To order PCC Bond educational brochures or buttons, visit:

Bernie PDX members voted to endorse ballot initiative IP 28!

This measure would amend the Oregon Constitution to allow campaign contribution limits for Oregon races. Such limits have been approved by Oregon voters before (most recently last November when Multnomah County voted >90% to enact campaign financing limits) but never enforced. Oregon’s political races are among the most expensive in the nation, because there are no limits on political contributions/expenditures in the state. In a November 2015 study by The Center for Public Integrity, Oregon was ranked 49th out of 50 for political finance regulation. Only Mississippi was worse.

Bernie famously supported his campaign on $27 donations, and we at Bernie PDX believe that the power of corporations and the wealthy to buy our elections needs to be curbed if our democracy is to survive. We support IP28 and encourage you to get involved:

▪ Visit the campaign’s website:

▪ Help gather petition signatures to qualify this measure for the November 2018 ballot, contact David Delk at

▪ If you want to make a donation, please email David Delk at

Bernie PDX endorses OPPOSING the Rose Quarter Highway Expansion

From No More Freeways PDX (

This project will have minimal impact on ending Portland’s problem of congestion or traffic fatalities, and will be devastatingly consequential to Portland’s stated goals to lead on climate, provide cleaner air, support healthy communities, build infrastructure for affordable housing and invest resources equitably across the city. (…) Not a single urban freeway expansion in North America has ever solved the problem of congestion, due to a concept that urban planners call “induced demand.” Why are city leaders willing to spend $450 million betting that somehow, the Rose Quarter Freeway Expansion will be any different?

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