SATURDAY, APRIL 30, 10:30AM-12PM: The People v the Plutocrats in PDX

The Portland Business Alliance is taking a wrecking ball to the city we know and love. And we want to stop them. Join us at this virtual event!

After Portland became central in the BLM protests, the largest social movement in U.S. history, the plutocrats are out in the open and on the attack, determined to remake our city into a playground for the 1%. This right-wing backlash, led by some of the major players within PBA (three of whom have been identified as part of “People for Portland”) are trying to:

  • Reshape City Council by attacking Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty and heavily funding the opposition
  • Undo our groundbreaking voter wins by calling for the dismantling of the Portland Clean Energy Fund and crafting a ballot measure to redirect funds from the Metro Homeless Services affordable housing measure to sweep the unhoused into shelters instead of homes
  • Strengthen theEnhanced Services Districts (despite the City’s own audit) that make the public pay for their private security and city police to criminalize the houseless
  • Attack current campaigns such as an increase in the capital gains tax that will fund universal Eviction Representation for All.

This May, the City budget, City Council and other local elections, and the once-in-a-decade Portland City Charter Review proposals are all on the table. This is our opportunity to defend our wins and fight for a vision of our home that is for the people who actually live here: the workers, tenants, students, immigrants, and unhoused, not just the 1%.

We will hear from organizers leading campaigns around the budget, elections, and charter review, and have time for discussion and to make plans for actions we need to take now.

Join us Saturday, April 30, 10:30-Noon, as we bring together community members who are fighting back—and need your help! This event is hosted by the Portland Metro People’s Coalition, of which BerniePDX is a member organization.

RSVP Here for the Zoom link.