Sign to Support Local Unionizing Effort!

Workers at the Center for Sustainable Economy are trying to form a union, and they need our support

CSE managers have brought in the same union-busting law firm that Little Big Burger used, and they have already begun to retaliate against their employees for organizing. Please sign and share the petition to support the workers’ unionization effort!

The demands outlined in the petition are:

1. Voluntarily recognize USE, on acceptable terms, as the unanimous voice of CSE staff, and a bargaining unit of CWA Local 7901.
2. Reverse the retaliatory suspension of a Union member.
3. Immediately terminate the relationship with pernicious union-busting firm, Bullard Law, and commit to bargaining in good faith.

“Hiring a union-busting firm is a direct contradiction of our core values as members of Oregon’s environmental justice and labor movements. We are disturbed to our core that you would engage in union-busting against environmental workers who are on the front-line of efforts to secure a Green New Deal and a sustainable economy that works for all.”