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Adjunct instructors account for approximately 47% of the instructional staff at PSU and teach almost 40% of student credit hours. Every student who attends PSU is taught by an adjunct at some point in their education.

Adjunct working conditions are student learning conditions, and PSU students–particularly our BIPOC and first-generation students–deserve faculty who are compensated with livable wages, benefits, and dignified working conditions. The over 1000 adjunct faculty at PSU deserve pay which reaches parity with their full-time counterparts and keeps up with cost of living.

Currently, PSU does not provide raises to adjuncts based on their length of service. This means that adjuncts working at the university for 10 and even 20 years still make the minimum rate. Adjuncts deserve raises which recognize their career excellence, their essential labor, and their service to students and the University.

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