Tell President Biden to Implement the ‘End the Pandemic Now’ Plan

SIGN HERE to tell President Biden to implement the ‘End the Pandemic Now’ Plan!

Two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, the vast majority of people in low-income nations still do not have access to COVID vaccines, test kits and treatments — an avoidable tragedy caused by the pharmaceutical industry’s focus on profits over lives.

Pharmaceutical monopolies’ ongoing refusal to allow more vaccine production is causing thousands of needless deaths abroad each day, while also giving rise to dangerous variants like Omicron and Delta that are prolonging the pandemic everywhere.

To prevent wave after wave of additional COVID variants, the U.S. must help make COVID vaccines, tests and treatments available worldwide.

The End the Pandemic Now plan in Congress (H. Con. Res. 60) lays out a clear roadmap for how to increase global production of critical medical supplies by temporarily waiving pharmaceutical monopoly rules that block increased production, by sharing vaccine-making recipes and know-how with qualified producers, and by helping fund the speed-up of production. Thankfully, the Biden administration already has the authority to implement these policies without congressional action.

Please sign our petition today, and tell President Biden to implement the End the Pandemic Now plan immediately and help save millions of lives around the globe.